Enterprise Architecture in 140 characters

Last Thursday, I barged into a Twitter conversation on the “ultimate outcome of Enterprise Architecture”.  The conversation was related to Forrester’s Enterprise Architecture Forum in San Diego, which I missed due to the blizzard at JFK@Dcoon posed the question: “Is consolidation and centralization the ultimate outcome of EA?”

While consolidation and selective centralization are milestones on an Enterprise Architecture journey, I don’t believe they represent the “ultimate outcome”.  Enterprise Architecture needs to play a linchpin role in advancing the business. 

As such, I offered my 140-character perspective, edited for readability, as follows:

“The ultimate outcome of Enterprise Architecture is change-friendly capability delivery.”

– brenda michelson, eons ago(2010)

But, that’s my perspective.  What do you think?  Do you agree?  If not, what is the ultimate outcome of Enterprise Architecture?